Sainome Colosseum R English Edition

Created by LionWing Publishing

An exciting and ultra-accessible anime-themed tabletop combat game for 2-4 players, brought to you directly from Japan!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Post-Campaign Update 21: Posters, Buttons, and the Masked Wrestler/King
12 months ago – Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 08:59:51 AM

Heyo Sainomers!

Bradly here with a quick update. First off, we hope that you've been enjoying Sainome these past eight weeks. Hopefully you've won more matches than lost! It's been great seeing you all share photos of your matches, so keep tagging us in those.

Alright, onto today's news! As you can see from the photo below, the King reprints are in! As are the art prints and buttons, for those who ordered them. We'll be sending out the reprints gradually over the next few months, so keep an eye out. The prints and buttons will be going out next week.

On an unrelated note: we will be announcing our next project in the coming weeks. We're really excited about it and can't wait to share the specifics. It's quite a bit different from Sainome, so here's hoping you all like cooperative games!

And on that note, that concludes today's update.

Until next time!


Post-Campaign Update 20: Q&A Document, Standard Play/Tournament Legal List, the Mysterious Masked Wrestler Card
about 1 year ago – Sat, Apr 20, 2019 at 08:05:17 PM

Hiya Sainomers!

We're back with another beefy update today addressing three topics. Allow us to jump right into it!

First: we have created a living document for Q&A that we will be updating whenever we receive a gameplay-related question. This will allow us to not bog down people's inboxes with Q&A Kickstarter updates, and it will allow us to answer questions in real-time. Click here to see it. This brings me to my next bit: in the last update (the Q&A update), I stated that rolling a "6" in Sainome means you get to activate any slot you wish. This is not true. I've been neck deep in one of our next projects, which allows rolled 6's to do certain things, and I'd gotten my wires crossed. As the rulebook states, rolling a "6" in Sainome allows you to play a card from the hand. This means that, for a skill like the Beautiful Necromancer's Black Aura ability, you would need to assign a "6" to either the star slots or the triangle slots to benefit from its effects.

Second: we've seen some folks asking about balance as it pertains to the promo cards. Thus, we wanted to remind folks that the promo cards are meant as a way to have fun with the game--they're meant for casual matches. They were intentionally designed with this type of play in mind. Some are powerful, others are very powerful.

Nevertheless, what this means is that, for "official" standard/tournament play, the core ten characters (and one promo character) are the only ones that may be fielded. As a reminder: the core ten Heroes are the ten characters featured on the character sheet that comes inside all copies of the game. The character sheet is the insert that contains each Hero's backstory.

The Q&A document link above contains a list of the current official standard play/tournament-legal characters, so be sure to check it out if that kind of things interests you.

Third: the Mysterious Masked Wrestler/King card... Some folks received a misprinted version of this card. We felt that it was only right to correct this with a reprint and ship said reprint for free to the backers who purchased the character. We don't know who and who did not receive this misprint, so we're just shipping the reprinted version to everyone. We will be mailing these reprints out a little later in 2019. (If you know that sometime in 2019 your address will be different from the address we used to ship you your copy of Sainome a few weeks ago, do let us know via a direct message in advance so that we can mail the card to your correct address.) We deeply apologize for this mix-up, but we are committed to making it right.

As always, if you have any questions, drop us a message or a comment.


Bradly & the LionWing Team

Post-Campaign Update No. 19: Q&A
about 1 year ago – Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 06:30:23 PM

Heyo everyone!

It's been a week since Sainome orders went out to you all, so at this point most people should have their copies. We want to first thank everyone who has tagged us on social media when showing off pictures of the game. The Sainome journey started back in December of 2017, so to see it finally being played has been so exciting and motivating.

Secondly: thank you all for the kind comments, messages, Tweets, and BGG reviews, praising Sainome. It warms our hearts hearing how much you all are enjoying the game.

For today's update, we wanted to take the opportunity to answer some questions we've received throughout the week. Some of these questions are gameplay questions while others are more general. If you have any questions not mentioned here, feel free to drop them in the comments section below, that way it's easier for us to see and respond to.

Now, let's get to it!


Q: According to the rulebook, as long as the Character Card doesn't explicitly say that a skill particular uses an action, then it's to be considered a passive skill. Does that mean you're able to activate all of the ones that don't use an Action on a single turn?

A: Yep! Any character skills that don't require using an action to activate are considered to always be in effect (and in effect at the same time) unless otherwise noted by an opponent's Skill or Sainome Card.

Q: My Oldtimer/Hermit Swordsman has the Mysterious Wrestler/King art on it. Is this a misprint?

A: The short answer… Nope, not a misprint! The long answer… All Kickstarter versions of the game come with a bunch of promo characters. Three of those are backer-customized characters, in specific: the Oldtimer, the Demure Cardsharp, and the Veiled Siren. The backers who pledged to the "Colosseum Champion" tier were allowed to customize a character. This granted them the opportunity to essentially "re-skin" existing characters, and then mix and match skills from any characters in the game to create their own "variant" version of the Character Cards off which they're based. So, you'll notice that these cards, while looking similar to other characters in the game, have new names and new color schemes. These are not misprints. These characters were intentionally designed to look and play as they appear. So, use these characters in your games! 

Q: The promo characters feel extremely powerful, maybe even overpowered. What gives?!

A: We have an official tournament/standard play list of "legal" characters coming soon. Until then... The Introverted Scholar/Mistress, Flower Girl/Magical Girl Who Saves the Planet, Mysterious Masked Wrestler/King, and Suspicious Wanderer/Dark Reaper were all designed to be intentionally powerful (and in the case of the Wrestler/King, intentionally designed to be overpowered). Those cards were created as a way to have fun with the game but were not meant for standardized play. 

Q: One of the Mysterious Masked Wrestler's abilities mentions a star slot, but it doesn't look like he has a star slot. Can you explain this?

A: It looks like, for at least some people, there was some kind of misprint with the Mysterious Masked Wrestler's card—in specific, his first ability. We are talking with our printing company about what our options are to fix this. As it stands now, though: the Wrestler's top icon (the 2-pip) should be treated as the star. Stay tuned for an update on this card in the coming days.

Q: Do we need to use the Sugoroku rules for anything?

A: The Sugoroku rules are meant only for variant play. They’re essentially a pre-game mini-game used to determine starting HP totals. They're just an optional way to experience the game. We chose to include these rules in order to stay faithful to the original Japanese game and the designers' vision of the Sainome experience. The designers felt really strongly about including these variant rules in the original Japanese release, so we wanted to honor that. Again, they're entirely optional and will not be used in official tourney play!

Q: Unlike other heroes' Awakened Forms, the Beautiful Necromancer promo character doesn’t specify what her equipment pips do. Can you provide clarification?

A: The Beautiful Necromancer's star and triangle equipment slots can be assigned to any numbers the player wishes—this is part of the reason she's so powerful (we should have made this more explicit). But do remember: you may only ever have two sets of numbers assigned to those slots. Example: If you choose "2" as the star equipment slot, then both star equipment slots have to be "2". That is to say, you can't assign "2" to one star slot and then a "5" for the other star slot. The same goes for the triangle star slot on her card.

Q: Can you explain how the Beautiful Necromancer's Black Aura skill works?

A. Sure! First things first: whenever you roll a "6" in Sainome Colosseum, you get to choose any pip on your Character Card to activate. Whenever you activate a pip, you activate any and all slots that have that pip number. (You can read more about this in the rulebook.) So...because you have to assign numbers to the star and triangle equipment slots on the Necromancer's card (see question above), rolling a "6" allows you to activate both slots that correspond to the number you chose to assign to those slots.

An example: You assigned a "3" to the Necromancer's star slots (thus making both star slots a "3" pip) and a "5" to the Necromancer's triangle slots (thus making both triangle slots a "5"). You have just rolled a "6", so you get to choose which pip number to activate per the rules. You choose to activate the "5" pip because you have cards equipped to those slots and because the cards in those slots align with your current match strategy. Because both triangle slots (which are now "5" slots) activate, both equipment cards in those slots are played in whatever order you wish.


That will do it for today's Q&A session! Again, if you have any other questions, drop them in the comments section of this update!


Bradly & the LionWing Team

Post-Campaign Update No. 18: All Orders Have Shipped!
about 1 year ago – Sat, Apr 06, 2019 at 04:27:01 PM

Heyo everyone!

We wanted to check in real quick to let folks know that all orders have been shipped! You should have the tracking info in your inbox from BackerKit, if you want to monitor your order. If for some reason you aren't seeing it in your email, message us, and we'll send you the info again. The only items that haven't been shipped out yet are the art prints and buttons, which as mentioned, will go out separately from the games/mats. So be on the lookout for those in your mailbox soon!

As we move forward, we want to ask for your help in spreading the word about Sainome. Word of mouth is the greatest marketing there is, so tell a friend or a family member or a co-worker or a random stranger off the street about Sainome; we'd really appreciate it! We also want to thank those who gave us the names of your favorite local game shop—we've already begun reaching out to those folks!

It's hard to believe that we're already at this point, where Sainome will be in your all's hands within a matter of days! You all have been so great throughout this process, so we want to thank you for believing in us and for believing in Sainome.

Until next time!


Bradly & the LionWing Team

Post-Campaign Update No. 17: Shipping Has Begun!
about 1 year ago – Fri, Apr 05, 2019 at 01:11:19 AM

Salutations Sainomers!

We're back with our most exciting post-campaign update yet! As the title suggests...shipping has begun! 117 orders went out today, leaving us with another 160 to ship tomorrow and Monday. While most of the remaining orders will be sent out tomorrow, we'll definitely still be shipping into Monday. The bulk of today's orders went out to US backers, though we mailed out a few European shipments as well. We're excited that this day is finally here, and we're even more ecstatic that many of you will be playing Sainome as early as next week!

As a side note: our lead playtester Ben and I did record gameplay footage two nights ago, however, the footage is a little grainy and the audio is extremely quiet. "Quiet" as in you have to blast your speakers to the max to begin to hear us. We're okay posting this for backers if you all don't mind the poor audio & visual quality. So sound off in the comments if you'd like us to post it, bad quality and all. We did figure out a better setup though after the play session, so we're hoping that, with time, we'll find the right configuration.

Lastly: if there is some sort of issue with your copy of Sainome when it arrives (there shouldn't be, but with shipping 300+ copies of anything, you're bound to run into a few snafus), drop us a direct message, that way we see it and can address it quickly.

We'll be back next week with another update as we keep mailing these puppies out.

Until then!


Bradly & the LionWing Team