Sainome Colosseum R English Edition

Created by LionWing Publishing

An exciting and ultra-accessible anime-themed tabletop combat game for 2-4 players, brought to you directly from Japan!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Post-Campaign Update No. 7
9 months ago – Sat, Sep 22, 2018 at 12:01:05 PM

Hi Sainomers!

We're back with another post-campaign update! Today we bring great news! All of the art files were sent off to the printer this week, and we paid our 50% deposit to get the manufacturing process started! This has been an exciting week for us, as it's meant that we're one step closer to having physical copies of Sainome Colosseum R!

So, what comes next, now that everything is in the hands of the manufacturer? Well, once the files have been cleared by them, it'll take roughly two months to finish printing the game. Once that's wrapped, palettes full of Sainome will be put onto a boat and shipped to our distribution center here in the States, which will take about 45 days (when factoring in the holidays). At that time, we'll begin sorting everything and then finally shipping out orders around February/early March to ensure we meet our timeline/release schedule!

Going forward, now that there will be less to update on the preparation of Kickstarter-exclusive art and print-files, you can expect more posts that dig into the actual game of Sainome. So that means more Character Spotlight entries, streams of us playing the game, as well as various looks at the Sainome Cards themselves! Starting next week, we'll be resuming our Character Spotlight series that we launched while the KS campaign was live, so you can look forward to some in-depth analysis on the game's Heroes (including all of the promo Heroes) soon!

As always, if you have any questions, drop them in the comments section below, or just hit us up on social media (@LWingPublishing), or simply pop into our Discord (its link can be found on the campaign page or on any of our social media profiles).

Until next time, Sainomers!

Bradly & the LionWing Team

Post-Campaign Update No. 6
9 months ago – Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 08:09:43 PM

Good day, Sainomers!

Bradly here, and we're back for this week's update! Today's update will be a fairly short one but a substantive one just the same! This afternoon, we're showing off the final art for Noito's stretch goal character. You may remember that we showed off this character's concept art a few weeks back, but today, you're getting to see the actual card illustrations!

For those who may have missed the update in which we originally detailed this character, she's drawn in the style as the Sainome Cards, which means she's super chibi! 😍😍😍 Initially, we were going to call her the "Unsuspecting Flower Girl" as we mentioned in that previous update. However, after seeing her final card art, we decided to drop the "unsuspecting" part, and now she's simply the Flower Girl (in her Normal Form). Her Awakened Form name stays the same: the Magical Girl Who Saves the Planet.

So without any further ado...

Normal Form: Flower Girl (on the left) | Awakened Form: Magical Girl Who Saves the Planet (on the right)
Normal Form: Flower Girl (on the left) | Awakened Form: Magical Girl Who Saves the Planet (on the right)

We can't get over how cute she is. We hope you all like her just as much as we do!

Lastly, the files are at 95% ready for the printer. So we will meet our milestone of submitting everything to the printers by mid-September!

That's it for today!

Talk to you next time, Sainomers!

Bradly & the LionWing Team

Post-Campaign Update No. 5
10 months ago – Wed, Sep 05, 2018 at 08:21:33 PM

Welcome back, good Sainomers!

Bradly here, and we’re back for another weekly update! While there’s not a ton to report on this week that’s new, we can say that we've been hard at work on continuing to get all of the files squared away and organized for the printer. This is coming along just as we were hoping it would, and we're still on track to send everything off to our printing company by the mid-September. That's in just a few weeks!! (*≧▽≦)

Outside of making sure our files are what they need to be for the printer's specifications, we’ve also been playtesting the additional Kickstarter-related characters. Fortunately, we’ve yet to run into any real issues with these, which is fantastic news, as now we know for certain that they won't get in the way of us hitting our production milestones!

Speaking of characters: we mentioned last week that we’d be revealing our one and only backer-created character today, and we're here to make good on that promise! This Hero comes from our highest-pledge backer, Maghinat. He designed this character from the ground up—the Hero’s appearance, name, skill list, and skill names! We were super excited to be a part of this process but truly, this was all Maghinat's doing, and we couldn't be happier with the end product. What’s even better is how different this character is both aesthetically and mechanically from the rest of the game’s roster!

Since we’re still putting the finishing touches on the character’s final illustrations, below is the fighter’s concept art. We hope you enjoy!

Normal Form: Suspicious Wanderer (on the left) | Awakened Form: Dark Reaper (on the right)
Normal Form: Suspicious Wanderer (on the left) | Awakened Form: Dark Reaper (on the right)

And that will do it for today's update! Thanks again to everyone who's joined our Discord and checked us out on social media. It's been really great getting to know you all thus far; already we have the greatest fans, so thanks to everyone for, well, being awesome!

Until next time, Sainomers!



Post-Campaign Update No. 5
10 months ago – Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 12:06:55 AM

Hiya Sainomers!

We're back for this week's post-campaign update! As August comes to a close, we're excited about what September brings, especially after all that's happened in the last four weeks.

To recap: since August 1, we...

  • Successfully funded Sianome Colosseum R (Aug 1)
  • Sent out pledge surveys; of the 293 sent, 237 have already been completed
  • Unveiled Sainome swag
  • Launched the pre-order site
  • Raised $719.50 in BackerKit via add-on purchases and pre-orders
  • Completed all three customized Heroes for those who pledged to the Colosseum Champion level
  • Completed the illustrations and skill designs/descriptions for the two stretch goal characters
  • Completed the concept art for the character belonging to the Legendary Hero tier backer
  • Did our first media interview (and have a video interview set up for this week)
  • Grew our Discord community by almost 300%
  • Sent out 25 Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts showing off and detailing the game's characters and features
  • Published two newsletters and three press releases

Needless to say, it's been a busy month at the LionWing offices. We hope that folks have enjoyed our updates thus far as well as our musings in the Discord and our overall commitment to making Sainome and its community a fun and welcoming place for all!

In next week's update, we'll be showing off the backer-created Hero listed above, so please look forward to that! We'll also be picking back up the Character Spotlight series in the coming weeks that we were running while the campaign was live. Oh, and streaming! Yes, we will be streaming some Sainome [hopefully] in the month of September, which is sure to be filled with laughs and all sorts of silliness.

Until next time, Sainomers!


Bradly & the LionWing Team

Post-Campaign Update No. 4
10 months ago – Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 03:18:44 PM

Salutations Sainomers!

We're back with another post-campaign update! Today's post is a short one (especially compared to last week's novella of an update), and we're using it mostly to show off another bit of stretch goal art!

The last stretch goal we unlocked while the campaign was live was the addition of another promo character. What made this stretch goal so unique was that, instead of being illustrated in Mizuki's art style, this one would be designed by Noito. For those who haven't been keeping track, Mizuki is the artist responsible for all of the game's Hero designs, while Noito illustrated all of the Sainome Cards (the super chibi art). Thus, having this stretch goal character designed by Noito really allowed us to put together a Hero that felt very different aesthetically from all the others, and we couldn't be more pleased with how she's turned out!

So without any further ado, here is Noito's stretch goal character: the Unsuspecting Flower Girl/Magical Girl Who Saves the Planet! Do keep in mind that this is just her concept sketch, not the art that will be used on the actual card; that art will be dynamic and feature her in two different poses, of course!

Normal Form (on the left) | Awakened Form (on the right)
Normal Form (on the left) | Awakened Form (on the right)

And that will conclude today's update! As always, hit us up with questions if you've got any, and while you're at it, feel free to jump onto our Discord if you haven't already, as we answer a ton of Sainome-related questions there as well! More than 30 backers have joined the channel already, and we've been getting great feedback from them about the type of community we've established thus far. The Discord channel is an excellent outlet to just kind of chill and nerd out for a bit; we talk about Sainome, as well as games in general (board games and video games), anime, music, and really just about anything anyone wants to talk about (we even talk about pro wrestling, because we're nerds). Of course, if you're not the talking type, feel free just to lurk; that's cool too! After all, you're bound to get a good laugh, at least a couple times, even if you're just watching the shenanigans from afar! To join, just click here: LionWing Discord.

Until next time, Sainomers!


Bradly & the LionWing Team