Sainome Colosseum R English Edition

Created by LionWing Publishing

An exciting and ultra-accessible anime-themed tabletop combat game for 2-4 players, brought to you directly from Japan!

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We did it! Sainome Colosseum R is officially funded!
almost 2 years ago – Wed, Aug 01, 2018 at 11:07:06 PM

Well, everyone, we did it! Yes, we sure did. The Sainome Colosseum R Kickstarter campaign has officially come to a close, and what a thrilling adventure it's been! What's even more exciting is the fact that just in the last few hours, we were able to unlock another stretch goal, which will add an additional Hero to the game! Counting all promo characters—from those featured on the campaign to the ones unlocked via stretch goals, to those that will be created by our awesome backers—Kickstarter copies of Sainome Colosseum will now include a whopping 17 characters! That's almost double what the Japanese release has!

But that's just a small feat in the grand scheme of this campaign. In the last month, you all have taken Sainome Colosseum R from a mere dream to a stunning reality. We're beyond excited for you all to get your hands on the game, and we're certain that you're going to adore it when you do!

Next Steps—

So, what happens now?

Well, we have indeed decided to use BackerKit. This will make the fulfillment process a breeze and will easily ensure that your copy of Sainome and your tier's goodies get to you on time!

You will be invited to confirm your pledge and shipping information once the BackerKit is ready to go live, which will take place no later than August 15.

What if I backed a tier that allows me to customize a Hero or create one?

For those who backed at the Colosseum Champion or Legendary Hero level, we'll be reaching out to you tomorrow to begin talking about the design process. At that time, we'll link you to all the necessary documents and information, and we'll also use that time to simply chat with you about the feel of the character you're wanting to create. We'll need this design information fairly quickly, though! We would like to have all of your character data/details by two weeks from today, August 15, though honestly, the sooner you can get it to us, the better! Having as much time as possible to work out any kinks is always ideal in these types of situations.

What happens if someone I know missed the Kickstarter but still wants to support the game before its retail launch?

BackerKit allows creators to add a "Pre-order" button right onto their project's campaign page, which is precisely what we'll be doing! Once that feature is live, we'll make an announcement, at which time you can direct your friends to the page to ensure that they don't miss out on the fun!

When will my card be charged?

We're not the ones who charge backers' cards; Kickstarter does that. That being said, you can expect it to occur sometime over the next few days.

What if I have a question about something; how should I get a hold of you?

We provide a number of methods to get in touch with us. For starters, you can always drop us a message here but also on Facebook or Twitter. You're of course welcome to drop by our Discord channel as well; there you can PM me (Bradly) directly. Or you can shoot our community manager an email at any point, and he'll take care of you. His email is

Is there anything else on the horizon for LionWing?

So, already some of you have reached out either through private messages, comments, or Discord, asking if we have any other projects lined up for the future. The answer is yes, most definitely, and we're super excited about them! However, we're not ready to talk about those projects just yet as we want to focus solely on making sure everything with Sainome goes off silky smooth.


Well, that will do it for this update! Thank you all again so much for your support! Now if you don't mind, we're going to go celebrate! (*≧▽≦)


Bradly & the LionWing Team

The Last 12 Hours!!
almost 2 years ago – Wed, Aug 01, 2018 at 01:27:30 PM

Well, Sainomers, today's the day! Yep, today's the last day of the Sainome Colosseum R Kickstarter, and wow, has it been great getting to interact with all of you over the last four weeks. Your unbridled elation over the game has been inspiring and has made us overjoyed checking the campaign every day (usually multiple, multiple times a day, heh). We've really accomplished a lot in a month's time, and it's thanks to you all, the Sainome fans!

In this remaining 12 hours, we're going to be pushing the campaign hard, so as to try and unlock our last two goals! And with your all's help, we know we can meet those goals! So let's go out with a bang, shouting Sainome's name from the highest rooftops as loudly as we can. Tell your friends, your co-workers, your family, your social media followers—let's wrap up this campaign just explosively as we started it!

Finally: Thank you again, everyone. Sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you; you all have made this journey unforgettable, and we hope to meet you all at future conventions (we'll be at several next year here in the States)—maybe even throw down for a game or two of Sainome. We'll just be sure to use the Mysterious Masked Wrestler/King as our fighter! o(^▽^)o


Bradly & the LionWing Team

The Homestretch: Sainome's Final 36 Hours
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 11:59:59 PM

Howdy, Sainomers!

It's hard to believe, but we're inside the final 36 hours of Sainome's Kickstarter! It's been an exciting ride over the last month and even more exciting these past twelve hours! Why such excitement in the last day or so? Because we've unlocked our biggest stretch goal yet! That's right, we will now be adding a new Hero to the game, which is something preeeetty much everyone's been asking for! So let's all do a little Sainome celebration dance to commemorate the occasion! (≧∀≦) Also: We'll be revealing a few more stretch goals today due to the surge in support we've received!

As usual, we can't thank you enough for the support and enthusiasm you've all shown for Sainome thus far. It's been both heartwarming and moving to see so many folks hyped to play the game!

At this point, we're preparing our post-campaign surveys to ensure that we have our ducks in a row for once the Kickstarter concludes; this will ensure that we stay on schedule throughout the production/manufacturing process. For those who have chosen to customize a Hero or create a Hero, we will be contacting you as soon as the campaign ends with details on what that process will look like and what we'll need from you.

In closing, we're thrilled with Sainome's success and are really excited to begin writing the next chapter in the proverbial Sainome Colosseum book. We will continue posting regular updates once the campaign ends, both featuring the status of the production/manufacturing/fulfillment process as well as looks at various components of the game. We, of course, will also be continuing our Character Spotlight series and will even be doing a similar series on the Sainome Cards themselves.

So, that will do it for today's update! Thank you again to everyone who's pledged to Sainome; you all are the best! In this last day and a half, let's keep spreading the word about the game so that as many folks as possible get to play this adorable battler!

Until next time!

Bradly & the LionWing Team

Two Additional Stretch Goals Added: Another New Hero, and More Alternate Art!
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 11:51:34 PM

We're back for a second update today to talk about some stretch goals we've just added! The turnout for Sainome has been incredibly strong, especially over the last 24 hours or so. As such, we blew past our last stretch goal, and so we're adding two more!

The first new stretch goal adds more of what folks have been clamoring for: a new Hero! This Hero, however, is different from the rest. For starters, she's exclusive to the campaign! On top of that, she's being drawn by the artist who illustrated all of the Sainome Cards, Noito! While the rest of the Heroes have been drawn by Mizuki, this one will be special thanks to Noito's art style! We're super excited about how unique this Hero will be, and we hope that you all are just as pumped!

The second new stretch goal is actually a stretch goal we talked about earlier in the campaign: alternate art for one of our favorite Sainome Cards in the game, "Hypnotism"! We've included a look at Hypnotism's standard art below, as well as the stretch goal graphics for easy reference!

Give us a shot if you have any questions or comments; we love hearing from you all!

Let's keep the Sainome train chugging in this final ~30 hours!

Best regards,

Bradly & the LionWing Team



New Stretch Goal No. 1
New Stretch Goal No. 1
New Stretch Goal No. 2
New Stretch Goal No. 2



Character Spotlight: Mysterious Masked Fighter | Princess
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 09:47:42 PM

Welcome backer, Sainomers, to another installment in our Character Spotlight feature! Today we’re showing off the central figure in Sainome’s story: the Princess! Before we jump in, though, we just wanted to give a shoutout to everyone who pledged over the weekend and to those who continue to tell their friends and folks on social media about Sainome. You all are the best!  

Now, on to the spotlight!

It’s important to note that each fighter in Sainome Colosseum R comes with their own short backstory as well as their own unique abilities and attacks. Moreover, each character has a Normal Form and a heightened Awakened Form. The latter form is an ultra-powerful version of the character that they can transform into once certain conditions have been met; this form allows them to utilize a brand new set of powers to really lay down the hurt on their opponent.

Today we’re revealing the abilities of the game's scrappy brawler: the Mysterious Masked Fighter (Normal Form) and the Princess (Awakened Form).

Below you’ll see both Forms' abilities.

Normal Form (on the left) | Awakened Form (on the right)
Normal Form (on the left) | Awakened Form (on the right)

As one might deduce from reading the skills above, the Mysterious Masked Fighter/Princess is a great character for those who are still learning the game. She has built-in fail-safes in both Forms and can do sustained moderate damage for the duration of the game regardless of which Form she's in. What makes her especially terrifying to play against is the second ability of her Awakened Form: Fighting Spirit. This second chance-like skill is great for getting back into the action once you're seemingly KO'd, and can truly be a game-changing ability.

The character’s biggest downside though is, of course, the low HP trigger for her awakening, which is the only reason why we wouldn't recommend her as a new player's very first character. Furthermore, because she's a straightforward, just-keep-rolling-the-die type of character, she's easily countered by fighters who have damage mitigation or any control or attack/turn manipulation abilities. One sound strategy when facing off against her is to get her down to 4 or 5 HP before dealing a single fatal blow; this is a great offense to employ when trying to work around her powerful Awakened Form abilities. By doing this, you outright avoid allowing her to get into her Awakened Form altogether.

Well, that will do it for today, folks! Thanks, everyone, for your continued support, and let's keep the Sainome train going!


Bradly & the LionWing Team